I currently offer three workshops for private groups and organisations. I am also available to assist organisations in design and delivery of budget-friendly, age and skill-level appropriate workshops to accompany particular exhibitions, themes or objects. Contact enquiries@sarahbatchelor.co.uk for rates and further information.

Painting from photographs

A drawing and painting from photographs workshop is suitable for ages 10+ and can accommodate varying skill levels. Learn to accurately draw images from photographs to scale or enlarged, using acrylic paint to colour them. Those with intermediate painting skill can also learn techniques for painting flesh tones when using black and white reference images.

Image: 'Study of a Land Army girl. 2016. Acrylic and pencil on greyboard (from an A.W. Jordan photograph in the Royal Cornwall Museum collection).

Blackout Poetry 

Ages 8+ 

Blackout poetry is suitable for various skill levels, however those with additional learning needs (such as dyslexia) or those without English as a first language may require additional materials and assistance. Blackout poetry is a fun introduction to creative writing, particularly for those who may find themselves 'squeamish' or stuck when it comes to writing poetry. It can also be applied to a theme or used to respond to an object, with surprising and interesting results.

Image credit: Victoria Lucy Williams 2017, from a Blackout poetry workshop on the theme of 'The Monstrous'.

Linocut Printmaking

Suitable for adults/12+ (families with children 10+ can also attend this workshop if children are accompanied by an adult). Workshops include materials and a Studium etching press for use. Linocut printing is a safe and enjoyable introduction to printmaking and is ideal for creating repeated images for cards or invitations. Workshops can also be adapted to varying skill levels and themes.

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